Dr. Martens that is... and I don't need just one, I need them all this fall!  I previously discussed my obsession with copping some Brit style this season and I am well under way in doing so thanks to my new DMs! These rock-kicking boots were made for walking all over the colorful leaf adorned streets of fall and can be dressed up or down to instantly add some edgy-cred to your look.  It's not just the style of these boots or the badass fashionistas and fashionistos that have worn them for decades that make them so iconically cool... though it certainly helps... it's the story behind them that make you feel like you're wearing a piece of history every time you lace 'em up! Here's a little Cliff's notes version of how Dr. Martens came to be and since, came to be worn by fashion and music elite.

There once was a man named Dr. Klaus Märtens, for real.  He was a doctor in the German army during WWII and after a skiing injury, found that standard army boots were too uncomfortable to bear on his painful ankle so he started designing some improvements of his own.  He partnered up with a business minded buddy who helped get the sale of these new comfortably constructed army-style boots off the ground.  Their company garnered a lot of sales and attention over their first decade in existence and in 1959, it caught the eye of a British shoe manufacturer called R. Griggs.  Griggs patented the shoe and finessed the fit and design, adding the now iconic yellow stitching and 'AirWair' sole trademark and bam! The Dr. Martens we know and love today was born!

In the 80s, the musicians and rebellious kids alike were rocking DMs in flocks making the shoes a vital piece of punk subculture... 

In the 90s they were directly associated with the birth of grunge fashion and music...

But in the 2000s alongside the overtaking of bubblegum pop, the brand took a big hit.  Dr Martens rebranded, restructured and released a new batch of designs to appeal to a younger demographic once more and by 2010 they were back in action in a big way.  Music icons of today can be seen sporting DMs all over the world from Miley Cyrus partying in the USA in her platform Jadons to England's golden girl Ellie Goulding's black and on blacks and K-Pop queen CL in her super tall version of the classics!

All in all, what I'm telling you is I'm basically in no way cool enough to be wearing these boots but I can because they sell them everywhere, they're super affordable and last a lifetime and can be worn with anything making them super easy to pull off whether you're a world renowned crazy talented musician or not.  And I will tell you from experience, you just feel cooler wearing 'em!

I'm still an all-time fan of the classic boot and I spiced mine up with some white laces but the styles are truly endless.  Scroll through the pics below to see some of my favorite Dr. Martens boots available to buy online by clicking the pic!

My look head to toe: