Contributed By: Vix Adams, badass stylist extraordinaire, London, UK.
Insta @Vix_Style.

I have always gone by the motto "every cool girl is half boy" in my style and the way I dress, no matter what the occasion and that has never proven more true than with the current "boyfriend tee" trend. Everyone from Gaga, Beyoncé, the Jenner sisters, Cara Delevingne and more have been rocking this trend lately so clearly, I know what's up. 

It's a trend that's been circling around London's cool kids for a few years and now it has hit the A-listers in a big way.  It is the perfect piece for affordable and unique fashion. There's something so sexy about stealing your boyfriends washed out band tee, customising and distressing it a bit and wearing it with a killer pair of heels. That's one way to get him to A) notice you, B) not to leave his dirty tees on the floor.  Boys, please note: we will steal them - you have been warned!

The key to pulling off this trend is in the styling and the customization of the tee. Whether you are bleaching it, putting holes in it like designer Christian Benner is renowned for, cutting the shoulders out or slashing the front of it to expose a cute bra underneath, make it your own! Once you've customized it, you can get so many looks out of just one tee by styling it up and wearing it in different ways... I'll show you how to do that part as well, don't panic. 

Wear it tucked in with a pair of jeans or denim cut offs and a pair of western boots like Kendall Jenner...

Wear it oversized as a dress with killer heels or thigh high boots like the Kardashian/Jenner clan...

...or wear it cropped with a belt cinching at the waist with a smart pair of high waisted trousers and/or a blazer to smarten it up. 

Any which way you choose to rock it, you're set alongside the who's who of cool fashion folk and let's face it, an oversized boyfriend tee is a hell of a lot more forgiving than the previous "bodycon dress" trend.  No need to skip pasta at dinner any more - yay! 

Steps to customising your own / your boyfriend's tee:

The tee I used was just a simple H&M men's long sleeve Metallica tee. 


1) Cut off sleeves diagonally starting approximately 1 1/2-2 inches from top of sleeve seam on shoulder and finishing right at the bottom of the sleeve seam under the armpit to give a tough edge or cut sleeves off entirely to make sleeveless or with side baring arm holes. 

2) Hang tee in shower or over bath and drip/spray/pour bleach over tee on whatever area or design you want the tee to be lightened by the bleach. Leave to dry for 24hours.  PS. Be aware that areas with bleach will weaken the cotton so don't overdo it!

3) Decide which customising you want to do. See below for some examples and ideas. I chose to cut the neck to create choker effect and cut along shoulder seams to create a dropped shoulder effect, similar to the second photo below.  Using nail scissors, pierce lots of little holes all over tee. More is definitely more!

Here's a look at my finished tee and how I styled it to be worn a three different ways...


1) Night Out = Worn as a dress with thigh high boots. 

2) Brunch with Friends = Belted waist, tights, Dr Martens for grunge effect. 

3) Daytime = Baggy blue jeans and western ankle boots. 

It's as simple and as inexpensive to do as that! The great thing about it is you will never see anyone in the exact same style as yours so you never have to worry about turning up in the same outfit as anyone else. (Worst feeling ever!!) 

Once you have done one and seen how simple it really is firsthand, I guarantee you will keep doing more and more because it will be the most flexible and easy-to-wear item in your wardrobe and completely unique to you! 

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